Monday, October 18, 2004

Why Bush Gets My Vote

Choosing Bush for my vote wasn't a hard choice. There are myriad reasons why, no matter whether you are voting based on national security or domestic issues. Bush gets my vote for three simple reasons. The first reason has her mother's hair and eyes. She faces every day with the bright eyed and unbridled enthusiasm that every child enjoys. She sends me off with a hug every day and greets me with the same when I get home. Reason number two has red hair and bright blue eyes. She was born while I was flying missions over Afghanistan. I am proud to serve my country but there will always be a part of me that rues the fact I wasn't there. She is a little more introspective than reason number one, but her affection is without bounds. Reason number three is still mostly concerned with getting a proper feeding and being held when the new world threatens to overwhelm her.

I consider myself the stereotypical type A personality that tends to pervade my chosen profession. Tough, stiff upper lip, all that jazz. I dont scare easily but I had nightmares after the massacre at Beslan. The thought of that happening in our country is enough to bring me to my knees. I firmly believe that President Bush has the necessary vision and conviction to ensure my nightmares dont become reality. He understands the nature of the beast and what it takes to defeat it. This issue trumps all other.

I dont think Senator Kerry is a bad man or doesnt care about America. I imagine if I sat down and talked with him I'd come away thinking he was a pretty decent guy. But his thinking and views are hopelessly mired in the 9/10 world. He twists and sways in the political winds. His unrelenting focus on what is wrong, instead of what is right, gives me no confidence in his ability to lead this country. I dont see that shining city on the hill when Senator Kerry speaks.

This post was written for Hugh Hewitt's virtual symposium. Please check out the rest of his blog, it is well worth your time.